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How to Calculate and Recover From a Drawdown in Currency Trading

Drawdown is simply the amount of money that you lose in a trade or a series of trade. Every trader is afraid of a drawdown, but a drawdown is an inevitable part of trading. Now a drawdown is not a measure of your trading performance as it is calculated when you have a losing trade against your new equity high or the original equity whichever is higher.

Forex Signal Provider – Deadly Mistake Many New Traders Make That Can Be Easily Avoided

If you’re like me, you want a way to make Forex trading simple and profitable. Spending weeks or months searching for a system to do this is frustrating. One method I tested before landing on a method that works incredible well was Forex signal provider services.

It is Not Just a Claim, But the Forex MegaDroid Really Makes You Succeed!

Success in the foreign exchange world is not that easy to attain. That is a fact! Foreign exchange trading has been here for a long time, participated with millions of foreign exchange traders, and yet only few can truly retire with a smile in their faces, which could translate to having succeeded in their goals to earn profits in this risky business.

What is a Pip Or Point in Forex Trading?

You may of heard traders discussing the amount of pips or points they have made or lost in a days trading. A pip, or point is simply the increment that forex traders use to determine how much a currency pair has moved, as we are not trading in whole numbers and often only a tenth of the smallest currency denomination e.g. a tenth of a cent it is easier to describe these denominations as a pip or point.

Forex Trading E-Books – Discover the Untold Way Successful New Traders Use Them

It seems like every time you turn your head there’s a new Forex trading course. The internet is full of course offerings. If you’ve read any of my publications, you’ll know that I’m not a fan of Foreign Exchange trading courses. However, using Forex trading ebooks to help you learn about this market is a good plan if done the right way.

Forex Trading Stop Loss

One of the most overlooked aspects of Forex trading is where to put your stop loss and how to use your stop during a trade to maximize your profits. First of all we are going to look at what a stop loss is and then how to use it effectively.

Forex Signal System – Discover the Only Way to Trade the Forex That Will Make You Wealthy

Are you frustrated with finding a way to trade the Forex market? I used to be. Luckily, a Forex signal system was created a few years ago that ended my search. It may finally be the winning ticket for your trading success too.

Win Loss Ratio

How is a win loss strategy going to work out? Where is the obligation on the market to ensure that your minimum winnings must amount to 3.1 or 2.1, or are you just supposed to forecast this outcome – which is it?

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