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Scalping in Forex Trading: Small But Sure Profits

The foreign exchange (forex) market is a very big financial market and, if you want success, you should be looking for forex trading strategies to maximize your potential revenue. Scalping in forex trading is one of the known and well-utilized trading strategies.

A Few Tips On FX Pairs Trading

Until the advent of Internet trading just a few short years ago, FX trading was primarily the domain of financial institutions, hedge funds and multinational corporations. Find out how FX pairs trading has become a lucrative market for individuals in this short article.

Online Forex Trading: Better Than Futures Trading?

Online forex trading has a lot of differences with futures trading. However, there are futures traders who see that trading to futures is just a natural transition into trading to forex. Market liquidity, structure of pricing, and existing leverage are just few of the differences.

The US Dollar Exchange Rate History Chart

The U.S. Dollar’s exchange rate, as expressed on any US Dollar exchange rate history chart, will only tell the story of how the dollar has performed against another specific currency. FOREX trades are made strictly in pairs, as one country’s currency versus another.

Trend Trading Strategies That Follow Gold And Oil In Trading USD-CAD And USD-AUD Pairs!

Australian Dollar (AUD) shows a strong correlation with the gold prices. This has to do with the fact that Australia is a major producer and exporter of gold. Now, USD has an inverse relationship with gold prices. When gold prices rise just like today, USD falls in value and when gold prices drop, USD rises in value.

The Exchange Rate Of The US Dollar Expresses Its Performance

The exchange rate of the U.S. Dollar, as seen on a US Dollar exchange rate history chart, expresses the dollar’s performance relative to the currency with which it has been paired for a specific comparison. How the U.S. Dollar has fared against the British Pound, for example, may not indicate its performance against the Swiss Franc or Japanese Yen.

How to Identify the Candlestick Pattern

Being able to identify the candlestick pattern in forex can lead to extremely high profits. Candlestick patterns give investors the ability to track price movements.

What Is A Parity Between The Canadian Currency And The US Dollar?

When we use the word parity, we are referring to something that is equal to some other thing. When referring to a Canadian dollar parity forecast therefore, we mean parity between the Canadian currency and the US dollar. We will briefly discuss the various factors that play a role when we prepare such a forecast.

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