Top 6 ‘Cheap’ Cryptos To Invest & HOLD in 2023 (HIGH RISK!!)

Forex Megadroid Pro and IvyBot – A Look at Two Different Forex Robots

Forex Megadroid Pro as well as Ivybot are both forex robots, otherwise known as expert advisors. Both of these systems automatically generate and execute trades without the need for human intervention. Simply stated, the only things you have to make sure are that you have a good internet connection and you adjusted the settings according to your risk tolerance.

When Getting Technical is Not Foul

New Forex traders can find comfort in the knowledge that there are many strategies proven to make their foray into the market successful. However, before turning to such strategies, new Forex traders are advised to choose first which kind of analysis to use – fundamental analysis or technical analysis?

What is Forex Registration and What is the Series 34 Exam?

Many players of the Forex industry will soon be needing to register with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) through the National Futures Association (NFA). This process will involve filling out applications forms, paying application and membership fees, submitting fingerprint cards, and passing the Series 34 exam.

Forex Robots – Why They Don’t Make Money For Traders – The Answer is Enclosed

No serious trader would ever you use one of the cheap, hundred buck robots, you see sold online because they simply don’t work and have NEVER made any real money over the long term. The track records are just paper simulations, going backwards knowing all the closing prices and anyone can make massive gains knowing this key information but in the real world of trading, not knowing the closing prices is the challenge you need to overcome to win!

Best Way to Earn With Forex – Forex Auto Money Brief Review!

Let me first start by saying that the reason you’ve come to my site is to look for solutions on how to make money online or learn how to make money with forex. Learning to trade with forex can be very difficult to master especially when your a newbie. I had my ups and downs in making money online for the past several years but forex for me was bit of a task.

Forex Megadroid Pro Or FAP Turbo – Which is a Better Forex Robot?

Both Forex-Megadroid Pro and FAP Turbo are forex robots otherwise known as expert advisors that run on your computer. They automatically generate and execute trades so there is no human intervention besides making sure that the computer is on during their trading hours as well as adjusting the system settings. Both of these robots fall into the category of scalping systems meaning that they generate very short term intra-day trades. I have traded both of these systems live for a few months.

Forex Trading Success – If You Want to Win Understand the Key Fact Enclosed!

The fact is – despite all the people who tell you the market can be beaten or predicted, it can’t and there is no short cut to success and those traders who rely on robots or other predictive software, are ignoring a key point which is Forex trading is a game of odds not certainties and in an odds based market, simple systems work best. This is actually good news, as anyone can learn a simple system and the real key to success is adopting the right mindset.

Tips on Developing Your Own Forex Strategy

Forex is now-a-days available to small investors which were not so in the past as the size of transactions used to be very large in the past. But now the large transaction sizes can be broken down into smaller units by these investors. Hence, people can now try and develop their own forex strategy.

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