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Forex Managed Accounts – What Are They?

If you want a hands free way to make money from the foreign exchange or forex trading market, a forex managed account can seem like a great opportunity. Foreign exchange trading can be very lucrative but it can also be very risky and it takes time to learn your way around.

The 5 Best Currency Trading Practices

Whether you are an experienced forex trader or just starting off at the currency market, there are certain basic practices that will always stand you in good stead. Follow these tips below and you will reap profits from the market for years to come:

What Exactly is Forex Support and Resistance?

Sometimes I take it for granted that everyone knows what I mean when I write about support and resistance. They are very simple concepts, for sure, but we all had to learn them the first time. So if you are one that is ready to learn, take a look at the rest of the article.

The Secret to Winning in the Forex is to Combine Your Oscillating Indicators

Forex indicators exist all over the place. Download any forex broker’s trading platform and you will see indicators out the wazoo. The secret in profitable trading is not finding that special indicator that wins almost every trade. Instead the secret is to know how to combine indicators to find that perfect trade.

Forex Trading Education – Fundamentals

If you want to make money from foreign exchange trading you will need to give some attention to your forex trading education. While everybody would love to be able to get online and start profiting right away, it is important to understand at least the basics of what makes the forex market work, before you can expect to profit from it. Just like with anything else, it behaves in certain ways that you need to be able to predict.

Know Your Basics – Currency Trading Practices That Can Ruin You

There is no two ways about it-if you want to profit from the currency market, you’ve got to know the basics. Currency trading is not about spur of the moment decisions and uninformed choices; though some experts would have you believe that. Are you doing any of the following?

Foreign Exchange Hedging Strategies

Foreign exchange hedging is a tactic used by some forex traders to protect an existing or planned position from negative price moves. The correct use of hedging allows traders with a long position on a forex currency pair to protect themselves from a price fall, and vice versa. In a sense it is like insurance: you are taking out a position that will pay you if the worst happens.

What is Currency Trading?

To put it very simply, currency trading is a way to profit from the rise and fall in the values of the different currencies of the world. One currency is constantly changing in value in comparison to another. So you can make money by exchanging a falling currency for a rising one.

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