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Are You Paying Attention to the Forex Market When You Trade?

When you trade do you pay attention to the market? Do you know what that means? Do you know what that means in terms of how you trade? I’m talking to people who aren’t trying to trade the Forex market with automated systems which do very little in regard to market recognition.

Let Your Profits Run

When you have a profitable trade the fear of losing unrealized cash will cause you to want to quit while you are ahead. Most trading consists of small winners and losers over a long time, with a few big winners.

Wanna Day Trade Forex? 3 Steps You Cant Miss If Day Trading With An Automated Forex Trading System

If you have been losing money trading forex with an automated forex trading system this is something you just cant miss. Learn exactly what your missing in your e currency trading portfolio. This is the most effective way to day trade forex.

Bullish and Bearish Engulfing Patterns – Blinking Lights Telling You Where the Market is Going

Wouldn’t it be nice to know where the market was going before it went? I mean, almost like you could jump forward in time a few hours and see where the market will end up. Although I haven’t figured the time travel thing out yet, I have what I believe is the next best thing – bullish and bearish engulfing candlestick patterns.

3 Profitable Range Trading Tactics to Help You in Your Forex Trading

Often you hear about trading with the trend when it comes to the foreign exchange. And for most people, trading with the trend is the most comfortable and profitable method of trading. But sometimes the market just isn’t trending. And some people’s trading style fits range trading (a pre-defined entry and exit) rather than trying to time the trend properly. That is why I want to talk about 3 tactics you can use when trading within a range.

What Exactly is Support and Resistance in the Forex Market?

Today I want to talk about what support and resistance is. Not necessarily the technical side, but more what the key players in the foreign exchange are doing with these critical levels.

Forex Support and Resistance – How to Use This Single Most Important Indicator to Make Money

I believe that support and resistance – once you learn how to identify the levels properly – are the single most important indicator you can use. Everyone uses them – from the biggest banks and corporations all the way down to the smallest trader. Once you learn how to identify and use these levels, you have the potential to be an extremely profitable trader.

The Disciplined Trader – 4 Classic Special Free Reports by Norman Hallet

Without becoming a disciplined trader, you are doomed from the very start in your trading career. Just like before doing anything in life, you need discipline, in the same manner in trading you need a lot of discipline too. Now, when we talk of trading discipline what do we mean by it?

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