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Importance of Trend Lines and Resistance Levels in Forex Technical Analysis

Techincal analysis trend line plotting explained. How to draw and plot trendlines on forex charts.

3 Tips to Get the Best Forex EA on the Market

With so many forex programs on the market today promising to bring in automatic profits in the forex market, you may be left scratching your head asking which is the best or do any of these even work? This article will point out three tips for picking out the best forex EA on the market today.

How to Be Successful at Forex Trading

Many people wonder how to become successful at Forex trading. It’s certainly advisable to learn more than the basics to make a lot of money at Forex trading.

A Forex Guide For Beginners

It can be very scary venturing into something new. Especially where spending money is concerned. The Forex trading market certainly relates to spending money. And, making money. Vast amounts of money. It’s where millionaires are made. Where millionaires become richer, and occasionally, poorer! This currency dealing market is known as the foreign exchange market, forex and FX.

Fibonacci Forex Trading – How Anyone Can Trade Forex Successfully

What if there was a way to predict the point where a market will make a turn? I think it’s easy to say that equipped with that knowledge, you could make serious money. After years of trading markets and then trading the forex, I’ve found a method that works for me. Fibonacci forex trading gives me a good idea where I can make profitable entries and exits.

The How, What and When of Forex Trading

How to trade and what to trade with forex. And, when to trade forex currency pairs.

All About the Futures Trading Software

If you want to use the futures trading software successfully, you have to be knowledgeable on futures trading. For instance, you have to know what a futures contract is.

What Are The Money Investment Preferences Since the Credit Crunch?

Do investors prefer foreign currency trading because they now mistrust banks? Or, will the first credit crunch in the 21st century soon be forgotten?

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