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Forex Charts – Simple Tips on How to Follow Price Action and Make Huge Profits!

If you look at a chart of any currency, you will see big trends which last for weeks, months or even longer and if you learn to spot high odds chart patterns you can simply get into these trends and follow them for huge gains. Let’s look at how to use Forex charts correctly and make big profits in around 30 minutes a day. When you use charts, all you are interested in is getting into trends when the charts give you the correct set ups. You don’t care about news stories or trying to work out…

Best Forex Advice – How to Learn Profitable Strategies Quickly and Test Them Risk Free!

If you want to win at Forex trading, you need the best advice because 95% of traders lose money and quite obviously get the wrong education. So lets look at how to get the best advice and also look at advice you need to avoid if you want to win at Forex trading.

What To Look For In Forex Charts Software

Forex charts software is an important part of the accomplished trader’s toolbox, helping contextualize the numbers to present data in a more manageable form for making decisions. Often handled by standalone, dedicated applications, forex charts software comes in a variety of different guises with a wide range of different features and functionality, all designed to make it easier to produce and analyze real-time trading and market data. However, as you might expect, the market for forex charts software is particularly crowded, and settling on the right forex charts software might take a bit of effort in researching…

Candlestick Chart Pattern Shows That The Dollar Has Broken Above Resistance Level

The Dollar began a decline in June 2010 which carried to a Low in November. Bullish reversal patterns emerged at that time, which foretold a change in the direction of prices. A strong resistance level was in the way, which has now been breached to the upside. Prices should now continue to rise, to 89 and higher.

Secrets of the Millionaire Traders – Tips to Help You Make Bigger FX Profits

95% of traders lose money and only 5% make money and these traders make huge gains and here we will give you some tips on what the winning elite do right and the mistakes the 95% of losers always make. 1. Learn Your Trade – this sounds obvious but many traders don’t even bother to do this, they buy a cheap Forex robot and expect to win with no effort and they lose.

Learning How To Trade Forex Through A Forex Mentor

Trading forex is the most lucrative business you can get into. The currency market is the biggest and most liquid of financial markets in the planet. Everyday at least three trillion dollars are estimated to change hands in it.

Currency Trading – Three Traits Of A Successful Trader

Currency trading or any kind of trading can be a very risky venture. Most people do not end up making money unless they are prepared. There are many traps that people (myself included) fall into when trading currency.

How To Use Support And Resistance Lines to Help Make Great Profits From Trading FOREX

One of the key tools in trading the markets is looking for support and resistance areas in the chart. The market has a memory and it remembers areas of price in the past where it has met resistance and support. This article examines what support and resistance lines are and how you can use them to help trade profitably in FOREX.

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