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Some Effective Forex Trading Tips

If you are one of those individuals who are interested in setting up their forex trading business, and wanting to learn a few tips that could help them make the most profits, then this article is the right thing for you. Lets us first look at what forex trading is all about. Well, a simple and easy explanation is that forex trading is about making money, which involves the exchange of currency.

Some Options Trading Strategies

Options are contracts that give one party the option to buy or sell a particular security at a predefined price and at a specific time from the other party. This article explains some types of options strategies with their corresponding risks and benefits. Investors can utilize these strategies to achieve their investment goals.

Forex Training Lesson 2 – Trade a Breakout Like a Pro (B)

In your Forex training programme you should be taught to know when trading breakouts, we are looking for an increase in volume to avoid false breakouts. This means that when the price is breaking above the 10GBP level (resistance) or below the 5GBP level (support), the more people pushing prices higher or below that consolidation area the better as this gives Forex traders more conviction to stay with their trades. Also bear in mind that breakouts can and do lead to an increase in volatility and possibly the beginning of trends or reversal of the previous trend…

Foresight And Insight Of Forex Traders

Foresight and insight – in a volatile and huge financial market like Forex where a mistake could cost you a fortune, these skills are invaluable for Forex traders. While you do need to practice some trial and error to get your hands wet, learning how to analyze for yourself to forecast what could possibly happen in the market or currency pair that you are in is what you will do most of the time. Just like a human being who needs a pair of legs to stand up and be mobile, Forex trading relies on 2 legs… 2 analytical techniques to be profitable: (1) Technical Analysis, and (2) Fundamental Analysis. Let’s have a closer look at both of these methods.

The Agony of Trading Without Plan

“If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.” – Lucius Annaeus Seneca. This adage is so true, especially in Forex trading. If you are one of those Forex traders who don’t have a plan or scheme to follow, you can expect a tough and thorny road ahead… a road littered with the bankrupt accounts of traders who failed to plan their actions. It’s like sailing on the wide and deep ocean without any idea of where you are going. When you are just starting out in Forex trading and market, it’s very important that you focus on survival first. Believe me, it’s a cut throat business, and keeping your account alive and fighting is your top priority. Unfortunately, 90 percent of new traders don’t last long enough to see daylight. You want to be part of the 10 percent who lasts long enough to build consistent profits and make it to the big leagues.

Forex Trading Course Lesson 2 – Umbrella Lines

In this Forex trading course segment we will analyse umbrella lines in more detail. These lines appear on a regular basis in Forex charts or any other chart you are likely to come across in your Forex training. This is why umbrella lines are amongst the most commonly known candlesticks but more importantly they are analysed and used by Forex traders on a daily basis.

Forex Trading Without Tears

Here are some simple statistics concerning Forex Traders: – A whopping 73 percent of them spend their time jumping from one Forex trading robot to another. As for the strategies they use, they are always in search of the ‘Holy Grail’ that will make them fortunes overnight (we all know that it doesn’t exist). And, when all else fails, they place trades using their hunch. End result? They lose their trading account! – A smaller group of people – 16 percent of Forex traders, somehow manage to breakeven. However, when it comes to the strategies they use, they are not confident enough to follow it down to the “T”. They would break a rule here and there, so the end result is that their progress is not consistent.  

Forex Trading – Understanding All The Major Pairs

If you are just starting out in Forex Trading, then getting to know the 4 major currency pairs is a must. Known as “The Majors” for short, these 4 currency pairs are the most commonly traded pairs in the market and they are also the most liquid. For the uninitiated, the liquidity is being able to convert an asset into cold-hard cash in a quick manner, but without having a large effect on the asset’s price. When talking about Forex Trading, liquidity pertains to being able to buy and sell currency pairs with no effect on its price. The more liquid a pair is, the less ‘movements’ it will make when you buy or sell large orders. Now that we are done with that, let’s have a closer look at The Majors…

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