Kevin Smith Makes Crypto History with First Ever NFT Film (Huge Moment)

Is an Automated Forex System the Key to Eternal Riches?

Automated Forex trading can be a powerful cash sucking machine, but is it right for you? Do you think you are ready for Automated Forex?

How to Properly Use Technical Analysis in Forex Trading

I remember my beginning trading days when information on trading was not as readily available as it is today. Internet was in its infancy and the best source of info was a local library and a few trading magazines and papers. However it didn’t take me too long to realize that Technical Analysis and TA tools if used in the way that majority of traders were using them was a sure way to lose a shirt.

How to Use Simple Price Action Strategies to Make Quick Money in Forex Trading Consistently

If you want to make money consistently with minimum loss in forex trading, you must understand what is called price action. You will keep on turning your trading platform to money printing machine if you trade with price action.

Details You Need to Know About Forex

Before you get started in Forex trading there are a few details you need to know about Forex. “Forex” is short for foreign exchange. In trading on the foreign exchange there are always two currencies involved. The combination of the two currencies is called a “currency pair” or “pair” for short.

10 Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Started Trading Forex

Are you thinking about trying your hand at forex? Think you might have what it takes to be successful? Don’t fall in the same traps that so many before you have fallen into. Taken from successful and yet-to-be successful traders from all over the world, and some from my own book of forex blunders, here are 10 things most wish they’d known before they started to trade foreign exchange. Print this out and hang it right beside your computer monitor!

What Is Price Action? 3 Best Ways to Make Huge Profit Trading With Price Action Strategies

Price action trading is a simplistic approach to trade the forex markets that is free from the clutter and confusion of overly complicated indicator based systems. In another term, it is studying the patterns in which the forex trend moves over a period of time with or without the use of indicators.

Forex Broker Strategies – Protecting Your Profits From the Snippers

You’ve heard the stories of suspect brokers snipping your profits. If this has happened to you or you suspect your broker of being less than accurate with his stop losses than you need to read this article before you lose another pip to those crooks.

Forex Robot Software – The Obvious Reason Why They ALL Lose Money

When I look at the huge amount of cheap Forex robot software packages online, I am surprised anyone believes the laughable message, that you can get rich with no effort and only spend a hundred dollars or so. However a huge amount of people buy these robots and if you are considering doing so, think again becuase they all lose money. Let’s find out why.

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