Introduction to FX Trading

Hello readers and welcome to the prime feature of Winning Ways In Forex. The Mission & Vision statement driving this column is to make the balanced knowledge of Forex Trading widespread and easily accessible in our country such that Nigeria will become a profitable forex trading community with over 1 million active traders in the year 2015 with over 100,000 of these making profit of at least $10,000 annually. The approach we are going to adopt in this column is the use of simple methodologies to explain what may seem like difficult terms/concepts of forex.

Forex Day Trading – Is There a Profitable Time to Trade?

It’s widely accepted that one of the most difficult ways to make money from Forex trading is to try and day trade the markets. The main reason for this is because when you use the short-term charts you have to contend with a lot of random price movements, as well as a lot of short-term volatility.

4 Reasons Why You Need a Currency Forex Market Trading Course

A currency- forex market trading course may be just the thing you need if you are starting off on forex trading for the first time. Why are these courses beneficial? We tell you the real reason why people go these courses!

Forex Robot – What is the Most Outstanding and Reliable Forex Robot?

Technology has been improving in this world like crazy. There are different kinds of automatic tools that are available in the market to make trades and businesses run more efficiently. The forex exchange trading market has also been touched by technology to some extent. There are trading software which are developed to make the life of the trader a lot more easier.

Forex Robot – Is it True That Forex Robot Can Give You a Profit Guarantee?

Imagine this. A robot can actually run continuously without any breaks at all. It can work consistently in the forex market and keep gathering latest data every single minute of the day or the night. Can you as a trader be able to do that? This is why a forex robot is preferred today, by many traders.

Forex Robot – Will You Be Able to Gain Success With a Forex Robot?

Traders often wonder if investing on a computerised robot to handle the pressures of the forex market, is really worth their time and investment. The main goal of the traders is to be able to earn a lot of money in a short span of time without doing too much of work. The foreign exchange market is a market that never sleeps and runs twenty four hours a day and seven days a week.

Forex Robot – Is the Claim of High Accuracy Rate by Forex Robots Consistent?

It is a very complex thing to do when you are trading with many foreign currencies. The foreign exchange trading market consists of currencies that are traded all over the globe. These currencies are traded at different rates as well.

Forex Robot – What Can an Efficient Forex Robot Do For Your Trades?

If you want to be able to earn big profits then you should be in the world of forex trading. You will be able to see big financial gains that you have always been dreaming of. However, there are few chances that you may lose, and that is mainly if you know very little about the trade secrets. There are many programs and robots that are available in the market that can help you.

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