Expert Spills Bitcoin Warning (GBTC Crypto Contagion Next Target)

Deadly Forex Mistakes That Assure Failure

Foreign exchange trade is highly speculative. About 80 percent of the transactions are speculative. Hence, before pouring your hard earned money in foreign currency exchange trade, there are few things you must know.

Automating Your Forex Trading With FAP Turbo For Optimized Results

Income generated from trading Foreign currency is a big come-on for ordinary people nowadays. With all the promise of several hundred dollars just by sitting in from of a computer and trading the hours away, it sounds a good prospect as can be.

Forex Basics and Hedging Foreign Policy Exchange

The definition of foreign exchange trading is very straight forward as the trading of one currency in exchange for another. Risk- As with anything in life great reward comes with great risk and it’s no different with foreign exchange trading. Currency trading is a very fluid business and these methods may also provide different risks for different transactions.

Forex Practice Account – Do This Wrong and You Will Mess Up Your Trading

What if I told you that a Forex practice account can be extremely damaging to your trading life? If you’ve read any of my publications, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of practicing and testing software in a practice account. However, if done incorrectly, you’d wish you’d never signed up for one.

Best Fab Turbo Secrets and the People Who Believe Them

Fab Turbo is one of the worst things for the Forex industry. It does not work all the time and it has cost most investors all their hard earned money. What is the real truth about Fab Turbo? Why has it become so Popular? This article will give you the truth about Fab Turbo.

The Forex Megadroid – Managing Trader Expectations and Criticisms From Users

The Forex Megadroid has made quite an impression with the claims from its creators. This robot is said to have a very high-tech artificial intelligence, equipped with an RCTPA (Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis) technology, and said to have a 95% accuracy in its live trades. These claims have indeed made it a target for high expectations from its potential users.

Forex Megadroid Sees Into the Future

Forex Megadroid is the first trading software in the currency market to use an AI technology called Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis (RCPTA), which enables the robot to predict rise and fall of currencies with 99.82 percent accuracy. This means that traders usually end up in the red at most occasions.

Spend More Time Knowing What a Functional Expert Advisor is, Rather Than Trying Every Robot

Due to the great demand for Forex trading robots by both newbie and veteran traders, the number of scammers has greatly increased, too. In fact, we cannot be haphazard anymore as we make the decision of choosing the right Forex trading software to use.

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