Dow Plunges 1,000+ Points! (Worse Fed Rate Hike Is Coming)

ABC’s Of Starting In Forex Trading

This article is for beginners to have an idea of forex trading initial lookout. To make a decision to start of in forex trading as a tools towards financial freedom.

How To Make Money With Forex – A Straightforward Overview and How To Get Started Right Away

A complete overview of how to make money with forex. This article provides enough detail and a simple plan that you can execute immediately, even if you are brand new to forex. If you have been trading forex for a while, this article tells you how you can make much money with forex.

Why More Than 1/3 Of All Traders Use Forex Trading Software

Almost 40% of all forex traders are currently relying exclusively on forex trading software programs to do their trading work for them in the forex trading software market. If you are unfamiliar with forex trading software, these are programs which automatically scour the greater forex market 24 hours a day seven days a week looking for high probability trading opportunities to invest in. Once they find a reliable trading opportunity, they invest accordingly with your own money. Once your trade reverses out of your favor, the program then trades away the now costly liability at the earliest possible moment. Because this technology is constantly tied into real time market behavior, analyzing your existing trades and looking for new possibilities, it’s capable of making these split second changes in record setting time. The ultimate goal is keeping you the investor on the winning end of your trades as near 100% of the time as possible. This article will explain why forex trading software are so popular amongst traders of all experience levels and backgrounds.

CFD Trading Tips

The high tech technology of CFD trading makes it more preferable by traders and it is actually the most modern trading platform. It however still depends on the trading strategies and the market behaviors just like the stock markets. Following a few rules helps in making the best out of your CFD trading.

Forex Trading Robot Options – Six Key Criteria for Selecting a Profitable Forex Robot

If you’ve decided to get started with forex trading, you’ll very likely need a forex robot. Why? Because trying to go it alone is far too hard for beginners. Then again, choosing the wrong robot can spell disaster as well.

A Few Words About Divergence Indicators

Let us start with some terminology so that everybody could understand what the article is about. “Divergence” is a term used within traders when describing the disagreement between the price and the indicator.

Account Copier – Expert Advisors (EA)

A Forex Account Copier is a software tool traders use to copy data from Meta Trader 4 accounts of professional traders into their own and repeat their success. The user needs to start two Meta trader terminals, one is attached to the master account of the signal provider from where the trade orders are to be copied from and the other attached to the slave, the account of the client where the data is to be copied. At each of the terminals, expert advisors (EA) are to be activated that are dedicated to perform specific tasks.

Account Copier Multi Terminal Edition

An account copier software tool developed by the Forex Tester software is a powerful tool that enables its users to repeat the successful bids of the professional traders by copying their account orders to their own. This has revolutionised the concept of selling and buying trading signals by developing a synchronised automated platform for the signal providers and their clients. Where the conventional manual method was complicated and slow for its users, this provides a flexible option to regulate the data flow, number of accounts synchronised, and a faster and more reliable method of copying data continuously 24…

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