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Exchange Damaged Canadian Bills

You walk into your kitchen to feed your new puppy and notice his kennel door is open. You can see that he is chewing on something, and you grow “angry eyes” as you see Frank the Wonder Dog has somehow figured out a way to climb onto the counter, open the cookie jar, and steal a cookie.

The Forex MegaDroid is My Automated Trading Robot Assistant

Have you ever imagined hiring an automated forex trading robot as your live trading assistant? It is something that was never been imagined as a reality several decades back but is now being enjoyed by most traders I know. Is it possible then that the foreign exchange marketplace will be completely automated after several more years?

The Forex Robot Championship – A New Frontier

The Forex Robot Championship is a sandbox where new Forex robots are tested. The developer of the best automated system wins a huge sum of money. Who conducts this contest? And how can you be part of it?

Traditional Forex Traders Gone Automated With the MegaDroid

With the invention of a lot of Forex trading software in the market, a lot of traditional Forex traders have not looked back to manual trading ever since and the industry of foreign exchange marketplace has never been this competitive but at the same time lucrative. On top of the Forex trading robots in the market is the Forex Megadroid.

Forex Demo Accounts – Try Before You Buy

The best way for new traders to learn about forex trading is with forex demo accounts. Forex demo accounts allow you to safely familiarize yourself with all the features of a broker’s trading platform in a live real time setting. These accounts are usually active for 30 days and funded with “play money”, so you’re able to make virtual trades without risking any of your own capital.

Forex Market Hours – Can You Really Trade 24-7?

One of the benefits of trading forex is that markets are open 24 hours a day. The trading week begins at 5:00 pm EST Sunday in Sydney Australia and ends at 5:00 pm EST Friday in New York. The markets are closed for part of Friday, all day Saturday and part of Sunday so you cannot actually trade 24/7, however it’s pretty close.

Forex Risk Management – Protecting Your Trading Account

Every forex trader shares the common goal of winning pips and making money. While making money is important, the primary goal of responsible traders is to protect their trading capital by observing sound forex risk management practices. Without proper risk management, you are potentially subjecting your account to excessive losses that will deplete your capital prematurely. Using risk management ensures that your account survives the losing trades long enough to score some winning trades.

Beginners Forex Trading – How to Start Successfully

There is a really huge amount of competition involved in Forex trading. A lot of things have to be borne in mind when you begin your first Forex trading. Here are some tips that can cut the learning curve and let you begin on a highly successful note.

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