Critical Ethereum Bug (Bitcoin Struggles for Momentum)

Becoming Friends With Your Currency Pair

Are you friends with your currency pair or are you just an acquaintance? When was the last time you really spent time with your pair? Have you ever considered that the currency you trade has a personality all its own? Could you define what it is? If you knew what it was would it help you trade?

Forex Currency Trading Tutorial – What Are Pivot Points?

Pivot points can sometimes be a little controversial when it comes to their application in currency trading. Many traders believe them to be a “dinosaur”, and to have no place in the modern trading world. My own personal advice though is to put them on your charts and have a look at some history. Then make up your own mind as to whether you will find them useful, or not.

Why Do Forex Traders Fail?

Why do Forex traders or just any trader fail? Is it because their knowledge of the markets is lacking? Bad luck? The market is rigged? The market Gods are against him? No it’s actually much simpler then that, human emotions.

Renko Chart – Is It Useful?

The renko chart is a very excellent and effective tool for determining a development in the economic market, and many forex traders make use of them. The word “Renko” comes from “Renga”, the Japanese word for “Brick”. The square boxes that make up a Renko chart are often referred to as “bricks”.

$3,400 – My First Real Cash Online TRADING FOREX

What is this FOREX? Is forex that profitable; is forex really a win win thing, who gets involve in trading forex? These were all the questions spinning through my head sometimes ago until I made up my mind to do a little research on the subject matter (forex). “FOREX” as I learnt is an acronym for foreign exchange. Forex is the world’s largest spot (cash) market for trading currencies. Haven discovered these, I Purchased all and funded my account with my remaining balance of $276. This is what grew into $3,400 in ten Forex trading days and is still increasing by the day…

The Secret of How to Make Money in the Forex Market

There must be hundreds of thousands of people trying to make money in the online Forex trading market. Only a handful actually make money on a steady and regular basis. In many cases most people can not see the wood for the trees in this ever challenging complex Forex Market. So many Forex traders focus so hard on developing Forex trading skills using Forex trading courses, reading eBooks, using automatic trading programs or alert services. Although these methods can produce good results they can be highly time consuming and inconsistent. With the advent of highly geared, mini and micro accounts the Forex online trading market has truly been opened up to the man in the street. Now Forex traders can participate in this market with only three hundred dollars in their account as a trader or even as an investor. An alternative way of making money in the Forex market is to use a business or investment approach.

The Power Of One Gives A 100% Account Return!

This article will show you what can happen when you find ONE good strategy, DO NOT deviate, use impeccable risk management, and psychologically commit to it. You’ll love it.

Forex Trading Advice – CandleStick Patterns and Fibonacci Ratios Needed for Good FX Trades

Most rewarding ventures such as Forex Trading will take a number of techniques and persistence over time to finish and achieve successful trades. Profitable ventures and goals and objectives will inevitably will require meticulous planning, a number of steps over a period of some time and determination to keep it going to see the undertaking to the end. Forex currency trading candlestick patterns and Fibonacci ratios you should know are no exception.

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